Uploading video time!!!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but yesterday I spent all day uploading my work online and updating my online portfolios, on Tumblr, Vimeo and on Behance. I finally uploaded my Communication and Interaction project, both a trailer and a simulated hands-on demo. The hands-on came out better than I expected, but on the whole I’m not 100% satisfied the project is academically watertight. The concept itself is ambitious and recognises the current problems within the field of interactive books, and gameplay-wise the basic concept suits the book perfectly. But whilst the visuals are attractive they’re also irrelevant. I’m not sure there’s any rational reasoning behind the illustration style, other than that’s just how I illustrate.

Nonetheless it’s gotten a good reception from people, and it’s far too late to change anything now. These are my final submissions I’ve got now, for good.

The first deadline is Wednesday, for Digital Media Practice, which I have all finished, printed and formated. Next is Friday, where all the project media for the Personal Project is due. I still need to get everything into an accessible format and put it onto a disc, and I’m polishing up the Visual Style Guide whilst I have the chance. There’s also a presentation on the same day, a half hour of presenting to the client and tutors at the Hannah Maclure Center (cus I haven’t been stressed enough every other time I’ve been there). That evening I’m tempted to catch The Avengers as a little treat to myself afterwards, but then there’s one more deadline to go.

That one is Communication and Interaction, the two videos that I uploaded yesterday being the main submissions for that.

So now it’s all a matter of adding icing and cherries on top of all these coursework cakes. I’ve been like this the past few semesters at uni, doing very little in the last week because, frankly, I’ve already gotten most of it done. I’ll try to add as much as I can to submissions to beef them up, write up a list of where each submission might be lacking tomorrow, after I hand in DMP. I might post about it on here too.

Another thing to note is on Wednesday I’ll be presenting my “Thought Bubble” video to coursemates and lecturers at the univeristy in the Hannah Maclure Center. I swear I’ll be freaking sick of that place soon. But that’s less formal, there hasn’t been any prep gone into that to be honest, just gonna wing it really, as it’s apparently quite an informal event. Hopefully I’ll finally hear back from Duncan Of Jordanstone on if I’m in or not, but if not it’s time to start the planning on the summer project, which I’ll be needing help with. From all of you!!


Listening to: Snoother by The For Carnation


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