May. Deadline month. Here goes!

Well, it’s May, which means deadlines are basically here, the first one is on the 10th, Digital Media Practice. The outcomes for that module are the essay I wrote on graphic design in relation to location, and this shiny new showreel. Take a peak, see what you think!

Showreel, 2012

So that module’s done, then it’s mostly Personal Project stuff, but I figured I’ve been focusing mostly on that for the last few weeks anyway. I’ll just need a few days to tie everything together, polish it all up and get it organised for submission. It’s mostly done, which feels very odd.

That means this week is for Communication & Interaction. I wanted to make a kind of simulated demo for the interactive novel, to show the mechanics of how it works. All it means is basically making one big-ass cutscene, which takes long enough for personal project, but it’s going to take forever to get this one done… I’ve set Thursday as a deadline though, so I can film it off of my mum’s iPad, after I go to vote in the local elections (MonsterRavingLoonyParty, hoorah). Will I meet that deadline? Hmm, we’ll see. Basically means I have the majority of animating to do tomorrow. But I’ll hopefully get to show you the product of all this animating soon, up on my Vimeo. We’ll see I guess.

Also thinking of how can a Vimeo get more publicity? And would be nice to have time to update my Behance and LinkedIn. But after deadlines perhaps.

Listening to: The One With the Tambourine by American Football


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