6am Closure poster production

Yeah, I’m still awake for some odd reason.

On the bright side this means I’ve been mildly productive, like I’ve gotten my Personal Project essays all finished off a decent 19 days in advance, and I’m just about to do some madly late-night references for said essay. I’ve been pouring over both Gamasutra.com and Killscreen for a while in search of articles which discuss narrative within video games, and it turns out it’s a topic that’s under a lot of research. Hopefully our project’s proven a good point of research, and a rich source for essay-writing. But to supplement the whole thing good references are sort of key. We had an entire lecture on the need for good sources within these essays, but the journals, essays and articles featured on Gamasutra and Killscreen all include good industry insight, so should prove strong references.

But anyway, the poster. The film. At the premiere of Closure there were some pretty basic looking posters that I made and stuck around Abertay Union, to help people find their way to the Hannah Maclure Center cinema. This time I wanted to do a proper design, with imagery which felt like it had more relevance to the film’s themes and mechanics. This one, based on a calendar layout, hopefully achieves this, but we’ll see if I’m still satisfied when I wake up and have to print it out pre-screening tomorrow. But not touching it again really, calling this one done. Enjoys?


Listening to: Modern Drift by Efterklang


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