Ultimate graphic design nerdery

[Courtesy of Martin Mackay, Method of Action]

Here’s just a short post about this nifty little distraction I found yesterday whilst procrastinating from animating cutscenes. A lovely wee online application that teaches you how to set a word’s kerning right. It’s a great little way to teach you how to lay out your type right, but I got a pretty shameful score first try, I think it was 71% or something? I dunno, but I messed up and somehow though “gargantuan” was two words and tried to put in a space. Moron that I am.

Another nerdy little thing I found were these.

Especially liking the one in the fore there though, very similar to my favourite colour, that sort of muted turquoise, “medical green” is a name that sticks in my head for some reason. But so much stuff on the web aimed specifically at designers either shows one of three things – the audience is worryingly big, and there are a lot of designers out there. Either that or there are very few designers who really avid consumers. Or thirdly it could be that designers, being creative people, make things in their spare time that they would like themselves, and it’s not so much a matter of demand, but a matter of eager supply.

I hope it’s the latter.

Oh geez I feel like such a hipster posting up all this stuff, it’s nasty. I’ll stop now. Back to work.

Listening to: A Commotion [Feist Cover] by Mastodon


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