DoJ Portfolio Preview

Well, today I’ve been working on cutscenes, surprise surprise. But what is surprising is that as of tomorrow it should all be finished, as the deadline was Wednesday, but turns out I’m ahead with animating. Which I’m frankly pretty thankful for, cus I was fretting a little.

But I’ll show you all that stuff another day, for now here’s the portfolio I’ll be presenting on Wednesday to whatever lecturer/tutor/janitor I get to talk to at Duncan Of Jordanstone on Wednesday. Like I’ve said already, I’d have loved to make it a bit more bespoke, and use it as a practice run for making a commercial employment portfolio. But unfortunately I didn’t have enough time, and with only a week until the interview I’d decided upon using this old folder that I used for showing off my work to get into Abertay University.

The frustrating thing is that they didn’t really peruse it at all. But then again, applications weren’t exactly abundant and it was a new course, so they were eager to get people to join. This time around it’s a different story, there’ll be people getting interviewed on Wednesday who simply won’t get the place. And I have no idea what the competition is like, for direct entry to 3rd year especially, so we’ll see.

The pieces I’ve chosen are sort of a mixed bag. Some of it is on my online portfolio, some isn’t. Some is getting added to the online portfolio quite soon. Some isn’t ever getting added. A lot of it displays the skeletal elements of projects, the workings and research behind the final outcome, as it’s essential for the lecturers so see the method in which a candidate approaches a brief through all stages of development. It also helps reassure them I didn’t just drum up all these projects a night before the deadline, something they’d hate to have to deal with on their course.

I’ve tried to include as wide a variety of mediums in the portfolio too, so there’s drawing, band artwork, photography, printing, art direction… just so they get an idea of how I work over different media. There’s 12 sections in general, and 9 finished projects in total. We’ll just wait and see how it goes.

On a side note, any type nerds will be able to tell how much I’m digging Futura right now. Latest sans serif abuse. But anyway.

Listening to: Apartment by Young The Giant


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