First deadline ahoy!

Well, last Friday we had our usual group meeting for our group project for Chunk Games. We decided on a date for all of the cutscene animations to be finished by, which is probably healthy to put a date on it, as I’ll now feel more pushed to actually get stuff done. Feel like I’m behind somehow in work, yet at the same time stressed as hell. Not as nice paradox.

But yesterday I did manage to finish a cutscene completely. I’d started it over Friday, and it’s the very first cuscene for the game. It’s looking really good, and you’ll hopefully get the chance to see it in my showreel, which I’ll hopefully get the mojority of edited on Wednesday afternoon, which is also the deadline for cutscene animation. I only have one short cutscene left to do and some robot animations for the final cutscene and I’m done, so Monday and Tuesday should give me more than enough time for those. Hopefully.

I’m really pleased with how the cutscenes have turned out. They aren’t flawless, especially the gift animation, as there are some items in it, such as parts of the robot’s body, which occasionally pixelate slightly, but we showed the cutscene at our last presentation and it went down a treat. It got a pretty strong reaction from the lecturers, so I’m really pretty proud of them both.

Also on Wednesday is my interview at Duncan of Jordanstone. I got my portfolio all printed and assembled last week, and frankly it’s not as unique or creative as I’d been hoping. But with only a week to prepare it amongst deadlines and film premieres it was the best I could do. It still looks presentable I guess, a little rough around the edges, but good enough I hope. I’ll let you know how it goes though.

Listening to: Lights Out, Words Gone by Bombay Bicycle Club


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