Closure Premiere on Tuesday! Here’s a sneaky poster…

Closure premieres this coming Tuesday. Yesterday we had the cast and crew screening, and it got a really nice reception from people on the film. If there was any particular group of people I wanted to be satisfied with the film it was the cast and crew, due to all the hard work they contributed to the film. It would have felt pretty devastating if they’d all come out with a negative perspective on the film as a whole.

But the real test of the film’s grit comes on Tuesday, as people with no prior involvement can watch the film and give us a difinitively objective insight into the film itself. So fingers crossed. Threw together a little poster as you can see above, it’s nothing special or flashy, more functional than anything. I’ll get a proper poster done for the film at a later date, when I’m having less of an aneurism about deadlines…

Listening to: Music For Ghosts by Boy Condor (self promotion, ‘kay?!)


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