Presentation on Friday, time for some more blog!

Well, it’s already coming up to the next presentation for Personal Project, doesn’t feel like anytime ago since we were facing Chunk and the tutors, and this time it’s me and Elinor, the lead programmer, who are the ones presenting. We were the ones to pitch to Chunk way back near the start of the first semester, and that went well, but since the last presentation we’ve stumbled across some pretty major technical issues, so trying to explain all of that to chunk should prove a little more challenging.

The main issue we’ve had has been due to the memory capacity on iPad. It turns out that the platform couldn’t handle all of the large animations and graphics we had, or the variety of environment assets we’ve produced (oops, my bad). We came to the conclusion that we had time left in the semester to either adapt to this issue, and resize all of our graphics and rework the code to fit the game, as is, onto iPad or to instead focus on completing a prototype, and using this time to perfect the mechanics we’ve got and add polish to the visuals. We’ve gone for the latter.

So I’ve been finishing off animations all of today, and I will be all week up until the presentation. By Friday all the robot animations should be done. Today I’ve done some of the robot activating, and I’ve finished him flinging objects in front of him. I also need to do an animation of him building objects, so I’ll try to get the majority of this stuff done tonight!

Below, just for reference, is the full animation list. I have a bunch of other animations too, but they’re not getting used, and are getting kept in reserve for any cutscenes we might want.

Direction Pose Animation
Front Standing Robot Comes to life
Back Standing Looks up at the sky
Side Standing Picks up object
Side Standing Walking while carrying an object
Side Standing Idle while carrying
Side Standing Building animation
Side Standing Fling rubble behind him
Side Standing Fling rubble in front of him
Side Standing Pushing aside rubble in base
Back Standing Looking up at the sky
Side to Front Standing to Sitting Robot sits down on a tree
Front Sitting Idle
Side Sitting Robot makes gift from scrap metal
Front Sitting Give a gift to left side to the alien
Side Standing Helps alien up from the ground
Side Standing Pulls alien back from falling debris

Listening to: In Green by Volcano, I’m Still Excited!!


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