I don’t make apps, I fake ’em

Well, another wee update, this time on how my Communication & Interaction work is going. That’s the interactive book project based on Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, for those of you who don’t know. Well, I say interactive book… as the title rather subtley suggests I’m just faking one, as I sort of refuse to go into game programming. Not my fortay.

How’ve I been faking it then? Well, mainly through a hopefully rather dramatic trailer, the title card of which you can see above. I’ve done 4 cuts so far, and I’m in the process of a  5th. I got feedback from my tutor, Lyall Bruce, earlier today on the trailer, and he said it was looking really good, but the text’s kerning needed altered, and that’s what I was checking out when I took the above screenshot. Should be looking not too bad in terms of type now.

On a side note I was curious if anyone knew any good books on how to handle type in graphic design? It’s something I’ll need for my summer project, which I’m already sort of starting to plan out in my head…

Another adjustment I made to the trailer was to add music, it’s Auto Rock, by Mogwai. I’m not strictly meant to be using it, it’ll have copyright all over it, but what the hey, it’s just a student project, no way this is going to actually be made, so I might as well use it, don’t think anyone will worry too much.

This last cut of the trailer also fixes the initial problems I had with certain shots (including all the title cards) being quite pixelated and blurred. This was due to a stupid move on my part to pre-compose these shots, which were initially designed at iPad resolution for some reason, and stretch them out within the new composition in After Effects. Silly silly silly. But it’s all solved now and hopefully looking as sharp as a chainsaw. Or something.

I’m looking to upload this thing to Vimeo in the next couple of weeks, and then starting work on a “hands-on preview”, to demonstrate the mechanics of the game. I already have a sort of demo worked out in the trailer, but I feel I’d get extra brownie points (and academic points too) if I did a more in-depth demonstration. After I do that, if I have time, I’ll print out a few examples of the illustrations and identity attached to the ‘game’. But wait and see how that goes. I have another month and a bit before EVERYTHING has to be finished, so I’ll just do the essentials for now.

In the meantime I have a presentation on Friday, for Personal Project. For which all the animations need to be done. HOORAY. Best get on with that tomorrow.

Listening to: The House That Heaven Built by Japandroids



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