More about my film!

Well, I’ve been occasionally mentioning this in my blog but I’ve not yet done a post exclusively about the film, which considering the scale of this project is impressive. For those of you who haven’t heard of it at all here’s the basic premise:

“The film focuses on the 12 month relationship of two young students, Daniel and Eve. The film, however, runs in reverse, starting with the couple breaking up, and ending in their very first encounter. This is a film about beginnings and endings. And it begins with an ending.”

My good friend, Joel Hewett came up with the concept about four years ago, and the idea was floating about doing nothing for the best part of 2 years. He eventually sat down and wrote a script and got me involved again, seeing we both had a similar taste in films. I was only intending on doing cinematography, but somehow I ended up becoming co-director, editor, sound-mixer and part composer for the film too. So it’s a film that’ll hopefully show off a few different skills, and make a nice wee portfolio piece. Y’know, a 76 minute long portfolio piece. Soundtrack is also by the wonderful Steven Hodson of Oceansize fame, who’s solo project Mild Eyes has provided an irreplacebly beautiful and understated soundtrack to the whole film.

But you might have already heard about all of this? What else should I say that folk might not yet know?
Well, I guess this time around I’ll cover the aesthetic of the film as a whole.

To reflect the mood at each end of the narrative the film starts off in monochrome and gradually, over the course of the entire 76 minutes goes into the typical polaroid-inspired mess of vibrancy. It works for the film though, giving the conclusion of the film a warm tone. I like the fact that despite it being a breakup film it has a cheery ending, if perhaps not an optimistic one.

The main concern though, with the colour change, was how the film would look half way between black and white and colour, if super washed-out colours would just look bland and… Gears of War-sy, for want of a better point of reference. But it’s looking pretty good so far, I’m feeling confident about the colours so far at least.

It’s totally crazy thinking that we’ve made this feature length beast though, and somehow we’re feeling satisfied and that it isn’t bloated and unable to stand under its own weight, as a lot of student films do. Not going to lie though, it’s been nice to have been come up to me asking about the film, curious about the next showing.

The premiere will be on the 17th April, at the Hannah Maclure Center. Tickets are sold out, but watch this space, as we’re having a second and possibly even a third screening, same place, not long afterwards. Watch this space I guess.
Listening to: And You And I by Yes


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