More animation? Hot damn!

Well, I’ve been powering on today with my Communcatio and Interaction interactive book trailer today. Well, I say powering on, more of pained crawl, as my attention span today seems to last no longer than about 5 seconds. Confounded internet, full of shiny stuff…

But anyway, this is part of the trailer in question. It’s actually a section that’s going to be edited to be shown on the iPad’s 1024×768 aspect ratio, and then filmed from the iPad to simulate what the interactive book itself would be like to play. It’s important to highlight this in the trailer, and make the book seem more tangible and real, with an example of the real interactivity.

I’m over halfway through the trailer now, so should hopefully get it done in plenty of time to start making a simulated ‘hands-on’. That might take a little longer and be more fiddly to film, but doing the trailer will hopefully get me well versed in how I’m working everything out in AfterEffects. It’s a pretty big file even now though, for a trailer that’s only going to be about a minute and a half in length it’s gonna be a pretty epicly messy file!

In other (VERY IMPORTANT) news my film has now gone public! But I’ll hopefully post a little more about that tomorrow if I get some free time.

Listening to: Genensis by Grimes

(Not Genesis the band. Important to note.)


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