I can animate now, like, flawlessly.

Okay, so maybe not. Animation is freaking difficult, who’d have thought that a profession that took already incredibly talented artists decades to perfect would be remotely challenging? Basically to sum up I’m now doing character animation for the robot character on the group project. The talented fella who designed the character couldn’t get AfterEffects installed, so he’s now doing environment assets whilst I’m tackling this totally new form of art I’ve never dabbled in before.

But I’ve been working on that this week, pouring over this book, which recieved so many recommendations I could swear my tutors are under endorsement from the author.

[Courtesy of Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams]

The Animator’s Survival Kit is, as far as I can tell, the most critically acclaimed book about anything ever, and it’s proving an insanely good resource for how to animate my 2D characters. I have a walk cycle, the robot staring up and looking shocked, the robot swinging his arms and a simple idle animation. It’s a pretty good start, though it’s taken me long enough, and the hardest animations are still to come, involving running and lifting and carrying objects. Also there’s only so far the robot’s limbs can stretch within his animation box, making running a particularly daunting one to do. But we’ll see.

Also, on an interesting side-note I heard back from Duncan of Jordanstone. They’ve asked for an digital PDF portfolio, with 10 examples of previous work. It’ll be tricky trying to make sure I can gather together specific projects that are varied enough and of a high-enough quality to wow them enough to give me an interview. Who knows, I’ll maybe do some of that this weekend. I’m also doing a lot of essay-ing for Digital Media Practice, should hopefully get that finished tonight. Well, busybusybusy, off to do that now, so see y’all later. Hopefully won’t be too long until the next post.

Listening to: My Only Swerving by El Ten Eleven


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