I been drawing lumps of nothing

Well, it’s been a busy couple of days and I got another hectic couple ahead of me still. For one there’s lots of overtime at work, but in terms of uni I have my Digital Media Practice presentation tomorrow. 5 minutes of insane ranting, which has all crammed into 16 incredibly brief slides. Hopefully I won’t run over the designated time, as apparently that caps your grade, meaning you can’t get an A for the presentation, but I think I have everything in there. I’ll go over it all again tonight, maybe weed out some information if I can.

But in the meantime I’ve been doing some more work for the team project, drawing rubble and wreckage of the main character’s ship. It’s all looking pretty decent, so long as there’s enough of it. It can all be resized as much as needed seeing it’s still all just lying about in illustrator.

I found this sort of thing surprisingly difficult to draw as the term ‘wreckage’ is pretty difficult to specify an exact form for, but it all looks appropriately junky. Not sure if that’s in the good way, be we’ll see when I bump into other team-members and get feedback on Friday.

I’ve also been thinking over this blog a lot, and thinking over the contents of it. Is it better if I fill it with my own work (and rantings) or maybe more with useful links and cool found artists? Not sure what would get more people giving this thing a gander. For now I’ll keep it to how it’s currently written, but more just food for thought…. mmmm, foooood….

Listening to: Meandering by Charlie Parker


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