So, some exciting news in terms of editing me and Joel’s film, but I’m sure I’ll cover that a little more over the next week or so.

Today I’ve been continuing producing the trailer for my Communication and Interaction project. All of the illustrations should be done and dusted for the time being, but there’s little details I’ve needed to add. For example in the scene above I illustrated a quick few passers-by, and gave them each their own basic walk cycle animation. They’ll only be seen for half a second on screen, but I guess it’s that kind of detail that might help me get an A, who knows. The fountain in the middle of the courtyard there is also animated with a particle effect generator.

Still to do on the above shot it opening the gates, making the small flag on top of the building wave, getting cars passing on the street, have the car pulling up to the door of the college and the zooming in of the whole scene to focus on one window. Should take the best part of today, but that’ll be one of the hardest shots to animate done, hopefully.

This is a conceptual shot for what the text inserts in the trailer are going to look like. The light should hopefully flicker a little bit, and the white circles in the fore will bubble and rise, using a particle effect generator again, though that’ll take some tweaking to get the right effect without obscuring the text.

Overall it’s coming together pretty nicely, and I’ve tested my Mum’s iPad on my camera, to see if filming the iPad directly would work, and reassuringly it works great, regardless of what sort of light you’re shooting in. I’ll have to animate each shot in AfterEffects according to whether it’s going to be from the iPad or shown directly on the screen in the trailer.

Listening to: Hey Cool Kid by Cloud Nothings


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