More illustrations for my interactive book trailer…

This is what I’ve been working on all day. Well, this and another more complicated and detailed illustration, but this should be all the actual illustrations I need for my Communication & Interaction project, or for the trailer I’m making at the very least.

Basically I’ve decided to do a trailer for my interactive book, based on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, as it’d be a fair bit easier than making the actual app, and it allows me to concetrate more on things like animation and type and other more designery things. A couple of weeks ago I wrote up a quick script for the trailer itself and the week after I drew up some storyboards, so I at least know where everything in the trailer’s going. What I need to do now is to design interfaces for various practical elements in the book, as well as text cards for in the trailer itself.  I was working on text cards on Monday, but they turned out pretty naff, so I’m going to redo them.

We also go a lecture on a marketing competition that’s on now throughout Scotland, asking you to come up with a brief idea for a marketing strategy for Red Stag, some whisky thing from Jim Beam. We only have to describe our idea, within about a thousand words, so I might drum that up tonight, seeing I now have the evening free to do more work. I might also work on animating that little character I showed off the other day, so I have more to show on my showreel at the end of the year.

Listening to: Whilst We Wait For The Others by Grizzly Bear


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