Anyone know good places to get a job?

Well, more researching for the Digital Media Practice presentation.

[A slide from my presentation showcasing the portfolio website of “The Monkey’s Cobbler]

I attended last Tuesdays 2 hour session of presentations to get a vague idea of what everyone else is currently up to. Unfortunately turns out that’s totally different from what I was going to do. I feel pretty silly putting so much research into portfolios when this presentation is more giving people your plan for the future in relation to the state of the industry. Your even expected to highlight specific companies you’d want to work at. I frankly don’t even know what country I want to work in, never mind what specific company I want to work for and how I’m going to find them.

Nevertheless, I guess I should find a few companies, just for the sake of the presentation. But frankly it entirely depends on if they have positions going at the time. I’m also going to include some publishing companies, to show I’m keeping my options open in terms of discipline. Preferably I’m going to keep my options open in every aspect of trying to find a job, but we’ll see.

I found another couple of great articles on getting your first job in the creative industry. The first is “20 Tips For Getting Your Dream Job” is from the fantastic ComputerArts magazine, who I got featured in the daily inspiration of a few weeks ago. It’s just general good advice on how to conduct yourself in interviews, given by some of the industry’s biggest names, such as Martin Brown, creative director of Wolff Ollins. A lot of it is just common sense, but still worth a gander.

The second is a website created by design agency Represent. It’s a website called “The Ideal Candidate“, and it’s again some of the industry’s biggest names, such as the massive Stefan Sagmeister, giving a really pretty in-depth review of their idea of the perfect potential employee. Again, worth a read-through, as there’s some interesting stories of designers trying to work marketing tactics and gimmicks into their applications. One story describes one applicant putting their CV on a lightbulb so that when it was screwed in and turned on it would project their CV onto the wall. Seems a tad impractical, but still a nice idea, especially with the connotations of the lightbulb image.

If anyone knows any particular places I should highlight in my presentation, then I’d really appreciate if you could hit me up. I’ve also asked my brother and his friend, who founded The Monkey’s Cobbler (shown above) about design, and I have more interviews with designers on the way, hopefully. But I’ll let you in on that later. Hopefully all of this will feed into my essay too, which I’ve decided will focus on graphic design in relation to location, what cities are brimming with graphic design right now, and the correlation of big graphic design houses with location.

Listening to: Monoform by Vessels


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