More game landscapey goodness

Well, it’s Friday again, so that can only mean one thing. Only 4 days until pancake day!!! Also it’s personal project day. Our last presentation went great, in terms of visuals the only real criticism was a tiny technicality in terms of animation. Other than that folk seem to be digging the visual style.

For the presentation I started to pull together some final assets, which I mentioned last time. Today I’ve been continuing work on final assets, as well as developing tree designs sketched out by another team member. The trees are currently all individual objects, but for forrests in the distance I was thinking I could plaster them right onto the tiles, to save on memory in-game. The only worry then is making sure tiles don’t get at all repetitive. I also thought I’d do a test of how all the tiles and current assets fit together in a scene, and also to check how the trees would look in the environment. The result’s shown above, looking quite nice actually.

I’ll have to think about what elements of this might be animated. Possibly hanging vines from those trees in the foreground, some gentle bobbing on the floating rocks in the sky and maybe even some gusts of dust. Not entirely sure yet.

One environment group which will definitely be interactive will be the debris from the ship. It’ll be something you can swipe out of the way to try and uncover and find objects for repairing the ship. Maybe you’ll need to bring back the right piece, corresponding to a specific shape. But I’ll need to draw out some rubble which is firstly pretty and secondly modular in some way, so it can be disassembled and swiped apart to reveal items for the ship repair.

So it’s onwards to drawing random wreckage. Woo. Oh, and did I mention it’s pancake day soon?

Listening to: Green Aisles by Real Estate


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