My new character’s lookin’ awful cosy

I’ve been looking into animation in After Effects for my personal project, focusing on 2D character animation. I linked you to a tutorial by a guy called Ben Mounsey who goes under the moniker of Green Glasses (he’s also a brilliant illustrator). Here’s the link to the tutorial again, and it does just cover the basics, but it’s very worth looking into.

I started work on a test character to mess about with the other day, and here he is, lookin’ all wrapped up and cosy, ready for the terrible weather I’ll no doubt throw him into.

I spent longer than I should have on him, and in reality I should have started right away with the robot, but it might make a cool extra thing to throw into my showreel, to have a nice scene of him walking through the snow, which I could maybe even try to throw together using a particle system in AfterEffects. I’ll have to wait and see how it goes. I’m not even sure if the robot character design has been properly finished off yet, and we’ll need to finalise his colour scheme to ensure he doesn’t clash with any of the environment. Might leave that until Friday. Until then I’ll try and drum up a quick few seconds of animation over the next couple of days for you.

Listening to: Our Life is Not A Movie Or Maybe by Okkervil River


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