Starting production of game’s final assets!

Well, after yesterday ended up being an epic mess of thinking of doing essays and not much more I’ve been able to indulge in much more practical work today. Working on Personal Project again, doing artwork for the iPad game ‘Constructs’.

Today we’ve started doing some of the artwork that’s going to make its way into the final game, finally! It’s all just static right now, but it’ll help us assemble a quick demo to show at our presentation on Friday! It’s basically all environment artwork, and it seems like it’ll click together really nicely in-game. The programmers have drummed up a nice parallax scrolling effect, that’ll give these environments a really real sense of visual depth.

This is actually a bunch of the background assets piled on top of one another, but it looks satisfyingly Eyvind Earle-y, but in our weird muted colour palette, which is also getting shown off for good at the presentation.

The colour palette came out a little bit more muted than I was initially intending. Okay, way more muted than initially intended, but hopefully Chunk will still find it appealing in some way, cus it is bold and it does have character… if I may say so myself. The robot and alien characters are both almost done being illustrated and coloured in preperation for animation, and they look great.

I’ve been looking at two tutorials for animation in AfterEffects, both by the same guy, but one in video format, the other written, just in case I get stuck with one of them, I can check details on the other.They’re two really great tutorials and the guy has a really superb 50s-cartoon style to his character design. Who knows, might result in even more animation work, which would be really useful if I want to go into motion graphics..

Listening to: Midnight City by M83


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