Deciding Essay Questions Pt. 2

Yeah, it’s the prog-inspired blog post, I’m doing a Part 2.

Now I’ve been thinking over what to cover in my Digital Media Practice essay.
I’ve finished assembling the Presentation for this module, which is nice, but it’ll take some rehearsal, to make sure it fits time constraints.

As for the essay I’m keeping in mind the fact that this module gives us the chance to evaluate certain areas and specialities within the industry that we might be interested in. The main areas that interest me are sort of conflicting right now, editorial design and motion graphics. I’m being insanely indecisive about it just now, maybe leaning slightly more towards editorial design, but the point is I may be able to cover both in my essay. Old vs new, magazines and vinyl versus 3D mapping and video editing.
At the same time, it is, maybe in some ways, helpful if a designer knows both, as versatility is frequently becoming the buzz word in the industry. I think it’d be best to check with the lecturer on the subject, to see if there’s a way I can phrase this as a more succinct question to answer.

[The Good Times newspaper from The Church Of London]

Whatever I choose doesn’t necessarily lock me into that industry. I could just go for an editorial design-focused essay, researching into smaller magazine agencies such as Church of London (LittleWhiteLies, Huck and The Good Times, whose pictures adorn this post), compared to larger publishing houses, like the companies behind Time and Empire magazines. It’d make for some pretty fun research, going down to the DCA and buying a bundle of their shiniest looking magazines.
This would give me a better overview of the whole industry, and not just the Church Of London’s work, as lovely as it may be. I’ll also look into The Newspaper Club, and website which specialises in letting people make their own newspapers and magazines and getting them printed (at a price of course). This unfortunately seems like a pretty strong indicator that it’s an oversaturated industry.

[The Good Times newspaper from The Church Of London]

On the other hand, looking into motion graphics would be easier to research, with me having already done two interviews with people involved in the motion graphics specialism. It’s also an up-and-coming industry, one that rewards innovation and exploration into new areas (such as 3D mapping and viral video advertising).
Regardless of magazines and old media having a new lease of life it’s still nothing compared to the epic dominance of web over the industry at the moment, and video and motion work is something that fits really nicely into the web environment.
I’m stuck for now, but a good talk with the module tutor will hopefully fix that.

Listening to: Sun King by The Beatles


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