Weekend off work? Use time to be productive? YOU CRAZY?

Well, today’s Friday, which has basically just become Personal Project day.
We had a meeting today and most of it was spent discussing next week’s presentation. Next week might be lecture-free, but it’ll still be relatively hectic, as we’ll be trying to get everything as shiny as we can before we have to put it before Chunk. They’re wanting to see some interactivity this time around I feel, and we’re hopefully going to deliver something a bit more tangible than last presentation.
We’re slowly building up a list of exactly what art assets will be needed in game and we’re making decent progress on it already. Mus has done a superb job producing a final version of the robot character, Laura’s done a really awesome variety of plantlife designs and Greg has already got some animations for the alien character. He did these in AfterEffects, so I’m pretty determined to learn how to animate characters too, as it’ll be pretty invaluable motion graphics experience.
And what about me, what the hell have I gotten done? Well, I spent a whole day drawing spaceships, so it feels like I’ve been skiving, but here’s the main menu at least, it ain’t much, but it’s something.

It was Greg who did the main logo, but this is just a rough placeholder. It’ll be replaced with a logo that suits the colour scheme better, and that’ll be nicely animated too.
I won’t be doing the actual presenting this time around, that’s all down to Laura and JJ, but I’ll be helping out with the actual layout of the presentation. Just need to power through some asset creation now!

Also, found a good reference point the other day for our art style and use of textures. Just finished up a seamless texture for use in the game, but this came as a nice inspiration:

Listening to: The Colour Purple by Seams


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