Planet of Pink

Well, it’s back to university tomorrow, and weirdly enough after only a week of being lazy it feels like it’s going to be really hard to get back into the swing of things. I think my brain likes being able to function properly, but I guess that’s a small sacrifice for moderately okay grades.
Speaking of grades we actually got some back, for Personal Project. This is for the presentations and project plans and proposals we all did way back when. Our presenations both got graded at 19, whereas my other documents got graded at 17.5, so pretty decent marks.
Now it’s just important to not lose any momentum. Over Christmas I was working on colour schemes, the three main examples of which you can see at the top of this post.
We’ve decided to go with the middle one, ‘Pomegranate-Polaroid’. It’s got a really pretty interesting vibe to it, focusing on pinks and cyan type colours mostly. The environments shown above just have the colour schemes haphazardly slapped on top, that wouldn’t necessarily be how the environment would look exactly. Just to give a rough impression.

Thing is now we need to firstly decide on exactly what format we’re working on, either iPad or iPhone, and then I can write out an exact list of art assets needing creation, how many rocks, ground tiles, trees etc. are required to fill the visual side of our game. Then we just need to highlight which of these are animated, and leave them until last, until we can learn as much about animation as we possibly can.
We don’t have a team meeting arranged yet, but we hopefully will do soon to discuss all the above..

The 10 of ’11
6: Smother by Wild Beasts

From the off Wild Beasts were a brilliantly bizarre band. Two Dancers, their sophomore release, was executed with the confidence of a band with twice their experience, creating a vivid sense of narrative centred around seduction and its victims. But surely then expectations should be high for a third release, namely this year’s Smother.
As the name might imply the band are returning in some way to Two Dancer’s lustfull disposition, and it is, stylistically, more of an expansion on the style explored on Two Dancers than a completely new sound. This isn’t to say that Wild Beasts have released the same album again, quite to the contrary, Smother feels more intimate now that some of the reverb that gave Two Dancers its distinct atmosphere has been washed off of the guitars, leaving the record feeling more open and free, in a sonic sense.
Sometimes you can almost feel some optimism poking through. In tracks like End Comes Too Soon Wild Beasts seem to reveal an almost cheery side to their music which was completely absent in Two Dancers.
Smother does feel overall like an inferior album, as it’s lost the overarching feel of narrative that tied all the songs so neatly together, but opting instead for emotional diversity. So it might be a worse album, but when comparing with Two Dancers that really isn’t saying much.

So the top ten so far:
10: Gloss Drop by Battles
9: Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam by Ghostpoet
8: The Hunter by Mastodon
7: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will by Mogwai
6: Smother by Wild Beasts


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