Need more time to screenprint…

Well, I mentioned on this blog a good while ago now that I was doing screenprinting classes at the DCA. I showed a pretty rough picture of the first outcome of my messing around in the medium (emphasis on the ‘messing’) but I forgot to post up any pictures of the print I came out with at the end of the interemediate classes.

Well, there it is, in all it’s sugary glory. Seems appropriate after how much sugar I consumed over the month of December. But anyway, it turned out okay, but unfortunately the final colour didn’t print on correctly, there was a problem with my registration sheet, so basically all the posters ended up with the final layer of colour being displaced by a few milimeters. It isn’t much, but it sort of ruins the print a little bit, it’s just annoying after it looking pretty damn good for so long until that last layer.
Oh well, the concept for the design turned out looking decent in the end, but I can’t help but feel that it’s firstly feeling a bit sparse. Some scenery or something might have helped the design seem more eye-catching.
And secondly the style isn’t really very specific, it’s sort of a mashup of Drew Millward and old 50s cartoon character design, textured and minimalist, which don’t quite match up just right.

Nevertheless, it’s a start. I still have to learn how to clean out a screen, and probably just go over the whole process again soon before I forget it, but I start back at uni on Monday (which seems a little cruel considering our deadlines were Friday). I’ll hopefully be in the DCA on Wednesday though, but for photography instead. I’ll show you the results of that soon enough too.

The 10 of ’11
7: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will by Mogwai

Mogwai’s 2007 studio release ‘The Hawk is Howling’ is widely regarded by fans as a weak release. I was initially in disbelief, it was the first Mogwai album I purchased and I loved it upon first purchase. But closer inspection of the Glasgow quintet’s back catalogue reveals there’s much more to Mogwai than what is showcased in Hawk. They were a band in the midst of trying to reinvent themselves, tired of being the fathers of a genre which is growing tiringly derivative, and tired of spawning a dozen reverb-drowned instrumental post-rock groups with every release.
The reinvention is, thankfully, a bit more fully formed on their newest release, fantastically titled “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will” (the most beautifully presented Mogwai album to date, adorned with stunning photography by Antony Crook). However it still lacks the same raw emotion and grandeure of the likes of 1997’s Young Team and 2003’s Happy Songs for Happy People, but it’s nevertheless a step up. The band has clearly made a concious effort to get their genre contemporaries to think outside of the box, as Hardcore is a madly diverse album, ranging from the auto-tune-heavy dance-along George Square Thatcher Death Party, to the madly distorted brutality of physchadelic highlight Rano Pano, and in the special edition even ranging to a 23-minute ambient epic, on a bonus disc of its own.

Nevertheless there are a few tracks here that seem like leftovers of the mediocrity of Hawk is Howling, the final two tracks in particular, which in their desperation to break the typical post-rock stereotype of “start of quiet then build up to being really loud” seem to lose focus on expressing raw emotion, something Mogwai once did so effortlessly, to the envy of their genre counterparts. But Hardcore is certainly not without its moments, let’s just hope Mogwai can collect these moments that make Hardcore and capitalise on them..


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