I’ve done it, I’ve killed coursework!!

Well, that’s it, finally done. There’s another day and a bit I could use to scrape together some extra work for my remaining two modules, but I really don’t think that tacking something on in such a short period of time will really be worth imploding my head any more over.
It’s quite weird thinking of how much exactly to submit for personal project, seeing it’s a 2-semester module, much like Communication and Interaction, it’s more about having something shiny by the end. Though I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate if I left doing work all to the second semester, so I guess they’re looking for a currently unpolished turd this semester, looking to see how I can polish it in the next 6 months.
Though we got presentation feedback the other day. The visuals were described as (and I’m directly quoting to make this boast all the more potent) “stunning”. Well go us I guess.

The only things that I really needed to hand in were the Context Review (an essay in which I basically took the risk of mocking Grand Theft Auto IV’s art direction, we’ll wait and see how that goes down) and the Visual Style Guide (part of which is shown above). It had to cover menu, character and environment influences and design concepts, colour palette, technical sizing of graphics and perspective of the overall game. It was quite a lot to cover, and I was going to try my hand at document layouts, but it felt like effort, so I just made the document look pretty boring and plain.

But like I said, that’s it, for another week or so. I’ll keep posting updates here, of new projects I’m working on, and going more in-depth with projects I’ve finished this last semester.

The 10 of ’11
8: The Hunter by Mastodon

Heavy Metal is a genre often lamented by critics, which makes Mastodon quite the anomoly. 2006’s Blood Mountain in particular recieved universal praise that no metal album has bettered since. And quite deservedly so, Mastodon are one of the most impressive bands in the world nowadays, on both a technical basis and in terms of their songwriting abilities. Their 2009 magnum opus Crack the Skye was a classic prog masterstroke, combining both a ludicrously elaborate narrative with a sublimely executed Russian vibe over the course of 7 gargantuan tracks.
So where to go after that? The Hunter surely can’t live up to such a predacessor, it is a more modest creature, even by Mastodon’s own confessions, it is quite clearly a very different beast. But nevertheless Mastodon once again exceeded expectations, showing the world that they had a sense of fun, as The Hunter often borders on silly, yet never comes across as laughable or unappealing in any sense. The quartet have, if anything, flexed their songwriting muscles most in this latest release, as whilst each song is considerably shorter than on Crack the Skye, it gives them room to wildly warp their style over the course of the album. And with track titles like “The Octopus Has No Friends” and “Blasteroid”, it’s quite clear that even after a decade metal, and indeed Mastodon, aren’t dead. The creature lives.


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