More illustrate-y stuff? From me??

Well, tomorrow is the deadline for both Kinetic Illustration (which I finished off months ago) and Communication and Interaction. I’m glad to say both are finished, nice and on time, and I’ll hand it in tomorrow mornin’ nice and early. I’m confident I’ve done enough for Kinetic Illustration, but Communication and Interaction is a little bit funnier, as the lecturer didn’t give us a specific ammount of work that had to be handed in, we just had to conceptualise everything that’ll be in our final trailer of our interactive book. And I guess I’ve done that.
I thought I might as well show off another picture I did for it. Again, the animation for this will be insanely simple in the end, just vector graphics tweaked and slid around flatly, but it give a decent impression at least of how a final finished interactive book would work.

For example the image above would be for when the player wishes to choose a new chapter to ‘investigate’. They can take any chest, meaning they’ll most probably recieve all the chapters in a random order. (I’ve simplified the actual book into 17 key chapters)
So, for example, you choose a chest, and it takes you to your desk. The contents of the chest are opened onto your desk. This’ll include Photograms, Journal Entries and Scientific Notes. Your job is to find 8/10 connections within each chapter before progressing.

It sounds complicated, and it is a bit, but I’ll try to explain it as clearly as I can in the trailer, this semester. It’ll take some pretty meticulous storyboarding, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end. Whether I can use this as a portfolio piece though is pretty dubious. I’m still kind of unsure on the style of it. I’d rather something more minimal, but total minimalism doesn’t really suit the book… oh well.

The 10 of ’11
9: Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam by Ghostpoet

Self-produced London-based rapper Ghostpoet released his debut at the start of the year, and it caused quite a stir, being nominated for the Mercury Prize and earning praise from the likes of Radiohead royalty Thom Yorke. And this was entirely deserved, as Peanut Butter is a superb record on a number of levels. Not only is his brand of reverb drenched, chillwave-inspired rap sonically incomparable to his multi-millionaire genre contemporaries, but also drastically different lyrically. Frequently throwing around brand names like Pro Evo and Weetabix might seem a tad silly, but when spoken in that trademark apathetic tone it feels all of a sudden purposefully numb, from a world ultimately obsessed with consumerism and bravado. Peanut Butter Blues is an rap album which abandons rap’s stereotype of bombast completly, rejecting the obsessions with “How big’s your gat an’ all that crap” for some deeper sense of meaning. Ghostpoet is an artist who’s written about trying to find his voice in a sea of rap music fixated on material matters, and in doing so has, conveniently, found it


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