Final Fortnight

Well, I’m basically in the last two weeks or so of working before the deadlines. So it’s sort of trying to tie everything up as neatly as I can, which is trickier for some modules than others.

One that’s particularly tricky is Communication and Interaction. It’s really just because, it being a two semester module, it’s sort of unclear what exactly we’re expected to finish for this first semester deadline. I’m trying to prepare as many concept images in illustrator, that are organised enough to be easily imported into AfterEffects and given really simple animation. Just something you might see in a trailer of the app, so the animation can be simple, as it’s only going to be seen briefly. Before the deadline I’m hoping to finish another 2 screenshots at least.

But anyways, it’s been a fair while since I posted, so hoping Christmas and that big old bearded bloke was good to anyone who chances upon this blog. I’ve gotten plenty of shiny things over all December (my birthday also being at the start of the month) and I got this from my lovely ladyfriend, a book on 50s animation. Finally I can indulge my inner 5-year-old! I’m yet to properly read it, but even flicking through it is a complete joy, eeye candy aplenty!

Other things on my to-do list currently are prepare a digital and physical portfolio. The digital portfolio is coming along okay, it’s a tumblr site (as I’ve found tumblr is better, I won’t explain all the reasons why I’ve changed alleigeince). You can find it here if you’d like:

I’ve only got a select few things on there, but there’s more coming soon, such as Seams’ recent EP artwork I did. All printed and everything. Very shiny.
The physical portfolio is something I’m struggling a bit more with. I’m thinking it might be cool to buy an old vintage suitcase and try and present out of that, but I’m not sure how possible that is. I’ll need to put in some research and development into a physical portfolio, especially if I’m applying to Duncan of Jordanstone in early next year.

… oh, didn’t I mention that? Oops.

Listening to: Out Of Tune by Real Estate


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