Good ol’ Lomo

[Courtesy of Lomography]

Well, it’s been another lazy day, but hey, it’s near Christmas, so I think I can afford a couple!!
But I’ve done some research into more retro photography, and one great place is always Lomography. They basically specialise in charging £50 for crappy plastic cameras that probably only cost 10p to make. But the photos they take are often pretty damn glorious anywho.
They, like Impossible Project, have a pretty nicely varied online gallery of stuff, and the good thing about Lomo photography is that the photos you get from their cameras can be incredibly varied compared to Impossible Project’s stuff. The only problem is that this makes it harder to narrow down what a ‘Lomo colour scheme’ is. Still, the couple I’ve picked out for this post do an okay job of it.

[Courtesy of Lomography]

Only thing is a lot of the Lomo photos they have online have really madly strong colour palettes, probably because the whole advantage to cheap plastic cameras is all the faults create nice flares and strong tints of specific colours. This probably wouldn’t translate so well to a vector graphic style.
Also polaroid photos tend to have more washed out low-end colours, so that the blacks are less harsh, and this is a pretty easily identifiable characterisitic I could utilise. So at the moment I’m leaning more towards a polaroid-inspired colour scheme. Also fits quite nicely with our 50s sci-fi theme.

Also I’ve been looking a lot more into multiple-exposure photography, like that first photo I put up there. I’ve been thinking about if it’s possible to translate that into a video context, and using it for a video project I may or may not be working on the fantastic Mild Eyes… but more from that later!

Listening to: Day Seven by Explosions in the Sky


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