Presentation time! Again..

Well, I thought I’d give another update on our project with the chaps at Chunk Games. They’ve been insanely busy by the sounds of things but managed to come along to the presentation we had to give today, which was damned nice if you ask me.

Well, here’s a shiny new logo for the team, don’t really know if it’s a keeper yet, as I’m not sure if folk recognise it’s a Kangaroo, might have to do a full body logo. I dunno. But it was drummed up in the space of 15 minutes in our big rush before the presentation today.
Basically one of the Designers in our team, Karl, had drummed up a really fantastic, shiny and animated flash presentation for today. It looked awesome and then about an hour prior to the presentation it decided to commit suicide. The file was corrupted completely, Flash refused to open it at all, so it was off to safe ol’ Powerpoint, where we made a relatively patchy but efficient presentation.
It went down well actually. My favourite comment came from Iain, our lecturer. He’s typically… not so much harsh, but brutally honest, so I really respect his feedback. He asked who did the artwork, because he couldn’t tell who did everything as it all blended together really nicely. The word ‘polished’ was even thrown around by someone. Very proud.

Here’s the image we used in the presentation. The robot was designed by our Team Lead, Mus and Greg designed the alien character. I did the background, though I’m not very pleased with it. Some more texture would be nice. I still need to do research into bitmap textures in Illustrator, so I’ll do that by the end of the week.
Also we’ll be working in a modular structure for implementing the artwork, so also got to figure out how that’s going to work, the size of the grid we’d be working to to make sure all the art assets fit together. We also need to decide on a final colour palette. It might be only a week and a half until Christmas, but it’s still all go!!

Listening to: Wet Hair by Japandroids


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