Well, I’ve made two complete animatics for screenwriting for digital media so far, and both have gone down better than expected.
The feedback on the first one got feedback from other students, who when queried on what they thought the characters were like gave me exactly the answers I wanted, so the characterisation seems pretty nailed, in a visual and active sense. They act in such a way to give the audience the right impression of what each brother’s motives are, and what their personalities are like. And what’s best is I don’t feel like either character is TOO much of a stereotype.

Anyway, enough allowing light to shine out my ass, let’s get critical. I’m doing another animatic, starting almost entirely from scratch this time too, as opposed to my second animatic being just an extended and modified version of the first. I’m going to redraw almost all of the storyboards, so that’ll take up basically all my time tomorrow, but it’ll be good to get out of the way for Tuesday, and then probably do a second draft of THAT before Friday, the last day I’ll probably be seeing the tutor before the winter holidays.

One thing I noticed is that I really need more gags in the screenplay. The animatic was light-hearted but fairly dull and jokeless. Now I know what I’m working with in terms of events means I can squeeze jokes and gags into the landscape the story has settled on so far. I’m finding it pretty hard though, no going to lie, to find something funny after working on the surrounding story for 100+ hours is pretty damn difficult.

I’ve been looking at The Simpsons as a good influence, what with there being both sibling rivalry between a smarter sibling and a more hyperactive sibling and the character of Bart representing rebellion.
CLips are pretty hard to find on Youtube as Fox are pretty harsh on what gets uploaded, but here are a few good examples and stripped down gags that play with similar themes to what I’ve got in my story..

They’re all from older seasons too. Go figures.
But if I can sort of aim for the fast and punchy, constant gags that the Simpsons manages to pull off with such aplomb then I’ll be over the moon. Even if I get a few giggles from this piece it’d be nice, but comedy’s a pretty fickle thing it seems, and it’s hard to come up with it on demand. I’m not sure if for comedy I would work better with others? I dunno, but I’m too tired for laughter, so I’m off to bed now. I’ll almost definitely update y’all tomorrow!

Listening to: As The Little Things Go by Appleseed Cast


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