Well, I was doing storyboards last week and basically created an animatic from them the night I got them done. I went in last Friday to show it off at the tutorial to find a pretty small classroom of students, also showing off what was mostly just storyboarding material. So I feel like I’m ahead in this module compared to most folk anyways. Which is reassuring I guess.

I worked out the animatic in Adobe Premiere, as it allowed me to record quick voice-overs onto the animatic and adjust the timings all in the one place, which was damned handy!
The feedback I got from the tutor (and relatively small class) was the the timing needed to be sharper, and that Lou, the dog character, needed to feature in the animatic more. So that’s what I’ll be doing tonight, for the next two hours at least, so I can show it to the tutor tomorrow morning and get more feedback on the piece. It’ll be annoying having to reiterate again, but if it gets me a better grade then that’s what I’m aiming for. All A’s this semester? Haha, I wish, but might as well get as close as I can.

Listening to: Forget by Twin Shadow


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