Alien worlds

Well, I’m doing some concept work at the moment for my personal project module, where we’re making a story-driven iPad game for the shiny and smily folk at Chunk Games.
This week two of the artists (Greg and Mus) went off to work on character concepts a bit more, whereas myself and Laura, the other two artists, are doing some environment concepts. Here’s a work-in-progress piece I’ve been doing for the past couple of hours.

It’s maybe a little bleak in terms of colour scheme, but that’s something we’re still very much in the experimental stage of.
Basically the idea we’ve got for making a consistent colour pallette is to limit ourselves to 5 hues (per level) and 3 shades per hue, giving us 15 colours to work with, roughly. Only problem is choosing those 5 hues will be pretty tricky, and making sure the environment doesn’t look mundane or depressing, as it sort of does above. But again, I’m still experimenting with it.

The landscape itself is going to be quite bold, jagged and geometric, courtesy of me looking at too much Matthew Lyons work, but we need to make our visual style unique and individual from his. For that we’re looking at how we can make the world seem totally surreal and alien, so the floating rocks is a good start that also ties in with the story.
Next I want to work on conceptualising plant-life. We’re looking at coral in terms of form, but I want the vegetation of the planet seem tall and imposing, like on Eyvind Earle’s art I feartured a while back. Finding that halfway point will take a lot of sketching over this weekend, but, as always, I’ll keep you updated.

Also, I’ll be working on a portfolio website over this weekend hopefully, so I’ll link y’all up to that as soon as it’s up.

Listening to: Blaise Bailey Finnegan III by Godspeed You! Black Emperor


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