Another sneak-peak…

Well, here’s another image from my Communication and Interaction project, my 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea interactive book.

It’s a shot of what happens when the player/reader/thingymajig presses the compass on the desk, opening the general, classic menu, if they don’t like navigating by the unlabeled items on the desktop. The room itself will dim slightly and the room behind the desk will shrink to give an almost parallax-style sense of perspective, all of which will be demonstrated in the trailer. This should help bring out the compass a little more, making it more obviously the focal point and making the whole interface feel less cluttered.
I’ve got way more to show, but I’ll wait until I reveal the whole thing. I’m still working out how to work the technical side of the game, but that doesn’t have to be perfect, as the final result from this module will be an animated trailer of the interactive book, as opposed to the interactive book itself.

Also I’ve been working on artwork for my friends in Lights Out Dresden again, on two T-shirt designs, so watch this space, as they’ll be unveiled soon I’m sure!! Both looking quite snazzy, and I might try to convert them to be screen-printing friendly if I find the time to get back into the print studio..

Well, got to dash now, show off my animatic to the lecturer. Oh, didn’t I tell you? I’ve done my screenwriting storyboards and animatic. Busybusybusy. Laterz.

Listening to: A new Boy Condor track. Yep, it’s another space to watch.


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