Shiny New Video!!

Well, this is it! My final submission for my Kinetic Illustration module finished off already, uploaded to Vimeo an’ all. Go on, take 18 seconds out of your day to watch it, in nice and shiny Hi-Def!

“Thought Bubble.”

Special thanks go to Michael Coull first off, for acting in the film.
Also big thanks to Natalie Houtioudi, who helped provide props and helping my get the right location, very much appreciated!!
Finally thanks to the tutor, Jonny Harris, who really helped a lot on the editing side of things.

It’s weird, this is the thing I finished first the semester but it’ll probably be the thing I end up most pleased with, I’m pretty damn pleased with how it turned out! The greenscreen effect worked great, as you can see below, the difference between raw footage and final edit are really crazily different.

But thankfully the lighting in the room was even enough to allow the green on the glasses to be keyed relatively easily. I’d never really though up until this point that green screen didn’t have to involve and actual screen, but could instead involve objects. For the video I took an old pair of 3D glasses, popped the lenses out and simply replaced them with vibrant green paper. It makes for a madly cheap looking prop, but the final effect’s still works. I’d love to expand on this project’s idea into potentially a full music video, so I’m going to keep the cheap prop for now!

I also wanted to get that tube-TV effect, like you can see above. I messed about on AfterEffects for a few hours trying to figure out how to get the effect convincingly, but when speaking to my lecturer he said it might be best to just go out there, get more hands on and film a real tube-TV. So I did, my parent’s old TV fit the bill perfectly, and allowed me to get that awesome grid effect like on the cover of the Temper Trap album. I especially liked how the effect worked on text, so I put “beauty” into AfterEffects, put some funny text effect onto it, and used this to play around with the idea of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Any feedback on the video is really greatly appreciated, so let me know what you think of it!

Listening to: Rise Borealis by Boy Condor
^ Not advertising my own band or nothin’.. ^


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