Greenscreen should stop being a bitch..

Well, here are some screen captures from my Kinetic Illustration project so far. It’s looking not too bad, though in motion there are a few issues with keying the greenscreen out of the glasses. But overall I think greenscreen was the way to go, as it looks pretty badass, and clearcut. And took WAAAAY less time than doing it frame by frame. But like I said, there’s still some problems to iron out.
We shot it on Tuesday night, in Duncan of Jordanstone. It was about 3 hours of waiting around due to me being indecisive about which camera to use, followed 20 minutes of shooting, so I apologise to my friends Michael (the star of the video) and Natalie, who helped out massively on location and props.
Now I just need to shoot that old cartoon footage I found off of the tube TV at my parent’s house, and then edit it into the sequence, to flicker intermitently between the static. And then I’m done, CMON!

Listening to: Should Have by Cloud Nothings
[Ignore the freaky video]


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