Three days without blogging… new record?

Well, I haven’t been on here in long… but I’ve been skiving a little bit this week, so that explains a lot. Yesterday I got literally no work done, due to recording a new song with my band, that’ll be released today, so hit that shit up, at 8pm: clicky!

But anyway, today is Thursday (though I’m sure you already knew that), so it’s Communication and Interaction day (you were less likely to already know that bit..)!
But time to give you another snippet of the concept art I’ve been working on for my “20,000 Leagues” interactive book title. I’ve basically established what every menu should be, and I’m working through viusalising it in illustrator. Your ‘main menu’ will be your desk at your university, as shown below, and every item on the desk top has a function and a purpose, which I’ll go into later.

It might ring a bell, as I put up an initial concept of this up just over a month ago. It’s looking a hell of a lot shinier than it did last time, and it’s more ready for animating next semester. Also, like I said, every item on the desk top has a function within the interactive novel, which I’ll go into over the next few weeks.

Listening to: Fall Right In by Beach Fossils


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