Messy Schedule…

Well, it’s going to be an insanely busy day, I’ll be filming all the footage for my kinetic illustration project, editing that, editing some of the film I worked on over summer, drawing up character and environment concepts for the video game, starting and finishing storyboards for screenwriting, T-shirt designs for Lights Out Dresden and on top of all of that 16 hours of work at Primark (glorious, glorious Primark).

But last week I was working pretty madly on my Communication and Interaction project, the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea interactive book adaptation. I got some really great concept images done, but here’s a couple of basic ones to show you in the meantime:

These will be “image” cards, like photos you collect from Prof. Aronnax’s journals, and attatch to character profiles and journal entries, and compile into your own diary. Good times.

Also, on a side-note, keep your eye out for a new blog over the next month or two, that I’m thinking of starting with a few friends also in creative courses here in Dundee. It’ll be swish.

Listening to: Glass Deers by Braids


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