Adobe have won at colours

Just a quick blog today, as it’s a full schedule, in which I should be finishing off my screenprinting class, and consequently, hopefully, my prints themselves. I hope you’ll get the chance to see a finished one by the end of the week, as I’ll also be getting my camera back, so prepare to see some Lights Out Dresden and We Were Poseidon poster images.
But in the meantime I found out about this godsend of a website that Adobe manage, called Kuler.

[Courtesy of Adobe]

I knew about the extension of it they’ve implemented into Photoshop and Illustrator, and that’s handy enough as is, but this website is something else completely. It’s basically like the world’s best, shiniest colour scheme generator, and it’ll be really handy for coming up with definitive colour schemes to tie together the design of our personal project game.
We’ve also decided on the Sci-Fi story for the personal project, which is good, cus now I get to copy Matthew Lyons for the rest of the year… zing!! I joke of course, but sci-fi is a genre which I love to work in, especially making it all stylised and retro and whatnot..

Listening to: Bad Apple by Lights Out Dresden


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