Procrastinating, yaaay!

Well, I’ve been really horrendously lazy the past few days, over the weekend I think I’ve accumulitvely worked half a minute. On the bright side I learned how to properly spell accumulitively correctly.
But right now I’m working on screenwriting, I dunno if you’ll remember, but it’s the story I have that’s about two boys in the american suburbs, who try to posess their dog, with an evil concoction they prepare with alchohol from their parents drink’s cabinet. Because really, when it smells like that how can whisky not be evil in some way?
Anyway, I’ll be starting storyboarding soon, as after much trimming editing and replacing I finally have a decent story outline written up, a good 900 words of bullet-pointed hilarity (or at least my attempt at it), ready to be converted into storyboards.
I won’t be spending too much time on character design, but I did find one cool reference point in this kids book, but design group ‘Eight Hour Day‘, called “Eli, No!”

[Couresy of Eight Hour Day]

It’s a more simplified style than what I’d usually aim for (as I’m a bit of a texture whore), but it’s still a nice design, as the dog can really be as mischievous as it wants in this book, so long as it looks that adorable.
I found this through this awesome new blog my brother told me about on Friday, and which I’ve been rechecking daily since then, called GrainEdit.

It’s clearly just a blog built for me, all centred around retro design, or retro inspired design. If only I could isolate the 50s designs, then I’d be in heaven. But it’s all seriously cool shit on there, I’d highly recommend checking it out, I think it’ll be my next big obsession along with the clean-cut sophisticated coolness of FormFiftyFive.

Listening to: A Real Hero by College feat. Electric Youth


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