Any actors wanting to wear my specs?

Well, we did the presentation for our personal project module yesterday. It was me and the lead programmer who did all of the speaking on the presentation, and we sort of all shared out questions between us.
Our presentation went great, they seemed to really dig the two ideas we had, and said they both seem pretty universal and accessable, which is interesting, as I thought the Sci-Fi idea might not been seen this way. But now all we have to do is make the choice between the concepts as Chunk didn’t express any preference.

But ANYWAY. Enough about personal project, I’ve been talking about it almost obsessively recently.. Kinetic Illustration. I finally decided on a concept last week or so. The idea (ironically) centres around lack of ideas and how difficult it is for artists to have that moment of inspiration on demand. It’s also just about thoughts in general, and how this can be represented visually, if you could read somebody’s mind.
I took inspiration from this video by motion graphic artist J. Scott.

[Courtesy of J. Scott]

About 18 seconds in is a shot of somebody with glasses getting his lenses scribbled in. I sort of liked this idea of playing about with glasses (being a bespectacled nerd myself) and thought it might be a cool idea to use the lenses like tiny TV-screens, showing the thoughts of the wearer. Like little thought bubbles you where on your face. So basically what they see in their mind’s eye is projected onto the lenses of the glasses.
It’s going to be based around a sketching artist, trying to draw out ideas, but finding it impossible to not get distracted, this whole thought process reflected through images in their lens screens.

I was having trouble thinking about locations for this, so today my friend Natalie (whose nifty lil’ blog can be found here) showed me around Duncan of Jordanstone, as it’s a more photogenic university than the oddly shiny and sterile one I’m trapped in. I took a few photos for reference, to try and decide on which room to use, so here they are.

I quite like 1 and 2 in particular, especially 1 is it’s going to be shot in the evening, in low light, to give those spec-screens a cool glow to them. But I’ll wait and see. I still need an actor to play the artist. And wear my glasses. Both quite arduous tasks. Let me know if you’re interested.

Listening to: Invisible by Wild Beasts


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