Personal Project totally not dominating my time…

Well, I’ve been working pretty non-stop on my personal project, which makes me worry I’m neglecting my other modules a little bit, so if I spend all of tomorrow storyboarding for my screenwriting that might hopefully balance things out a little bit…
But above is the result of today’s work. I did some rough concept sketches for main characters for our sci-fi story concept, then took them into Illustrator, stylised them a little, and then took them into Photoshop to apply textures. I still need to learn how to effectively apply textures in illustrator, particularly the sort of spray-painted textures like in the above two concept pieces.
One of these may very well be used in our presentation to Chunk games on Friday morning. We only have 5 minutes or so to pitch to them, so we’ll have to be concise with what we say. Main issue is I’ll be one of only two people from our group making the presentation, and I’m sure anyone reading this blog will know how talkative I can get…

But again, they’re just concept pieces. I think they turned out okay, though the right one is a little too ET. If that turns out being the idea we develop (depending on Chunk’s feedback) then I’ll probably end up coming up with a different design entirely.
But I’ll let you know how that one goes…

Also, hopefully, I should be getting a Behance profile properly sorted out, so finally I’ll have a proper portfolio to shove in everybody’s faces. Groovy.

Listening to: Hello Kitty by Hum


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