Who needs paperwork…

Well, today I slept in and spent what little of the day I left to myself to do paperwork effectively, so I wish I had something to show you, but a “Personal Proposal, Project Plan and Learning Contract” would compose a particularly exciting blog post. Not as if any of my blog posts are that exciting anyway, but still…
I’ll now show you some of the visual research I’ve done for our other story concept for the personal project. Keep in mind that the final presentation is next Friday, and we’re pitching directly to the client, Chunk Games. We’ll have to have a couple of concept art images for then, so that’ll be the next weeks main task, as we so far don’t have anything at all…

The main concept we’ll be pitching to Chunk is about a young boy, who, with his parents, is just moving into a new house. It’s the first time he’s moved home, the last place he lived was all he’d ever known, and now he’s confronted with a strange new house, in the middle of nowhere, that he’s expected to call home. Through exploring the house the boy conjures up wild scenes in his head, like oceans in bathrooms and monsters inside closets, to overcome, as a means of ultimately coming to terms with this great change in his life.
I’ve gone back to an artist I looked at a lot last year around this time for Entertainment Design. He goes under the moniker of “Ghostpatrol” (names with ghost in them kick ass, don’t you think?). He’s got a really quirky character design style that mostly seems to focus around children and their imaginations.
Something I really like about it, for some reason, is the clothes he gives his characters. It all seems so eclectic, and almost home-made. This would really help the feel of the game, visually, I feel. Here’s some of the fella’s stuff.

[Courtesy of Ghostpatrol]

It’s a really cool style, but last time I looked at it I just ended up ripping it off, so I’ll work on some concepts that are influenced, as opposed to dictated by his style.
As for environments for the game I think that Moomins is a fantastic reference point. For one thing everybody in the group seems to like Moomins, and secondly the vibe created on the cartoon show is just so nostalgically surreal for me. The house in particular is exactly what I picture the house in this story being like, very much an ornate, tall home, known as a “Queen Anne” type house.
Another cool design which implements a similar view on house design is this design by Telegramme, printed by Poster Roast for a Lightspeed Champion gig.

[Courtesy of Poster Roast]

To put across that really bright and vibrant feel to environments we could even make it look like it’s screenprinted, limit ourselves to 4 or so colours and come out with a really striking visual style like what you see above, but applied to an iPad game. It’d (hopefully) be like nothing else out there.

Only worry is getting decent quality preview graphics for the presentation next Friday. Better get down to sketching. I think most folk are focusing on the idea I’ve just described, I’ll start on the sci-fi one to hopefully balance things out..

Listening to: Tyrant Destroyed by Twin Shadow


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