This sci-fi guy

Well, we had a pretty productive group meeting just yesterday and we’ve decided that we’re no longer doing the aboriginal story, as it wasn’t particularly strong in terms of characters and plot. Instead we have two other concepts we’ve decided we’re definitely pitching to Chunk. I’ll tell you about one of them today and then one of them tomorrow probably.

So the first one, to sum it up briefly (as I’m madly short on time nowadays) is based around this kid/alien/guy/bowl of porridge/whatever, who was on a ship that’s crash landed and is left as the only survivor (or maybe the only inhabitant on the ship in the first place, who knows). He’s completely alone in the middle of nowhere, and so builds himself a robot helper out of pieces of wreckage, to have a helping hand in fixing the ship. He succeeds and the two silently become companions in their splendid isolation. They repair the ship together, but are missing a key componant, which they discover is also a key componant in the robot, like a heart of sorts. The robot has the choice of whether to sacrifice himself to let his friend go back home, or keep him stranded.

It’s a good story ark, which needs work on the details, but I feel it’s our best concept, and could end up being superbly atmospheric. For art direction for a sci-fi environment I’ve been looking at this stunning artist called Matthew Lyons, who’s got a really superbly unique visual style, which takes strong influence from 60s and 70s science fiction.

[Images courtesy of Matthew Lyons]

I think these are great reference points for a cartoony and unique visual style. Obviously we’ll need to be quite different from the in some ways, it’s quite unique and recognisable, so it’d be blindingly obvious if we just copied it. Not as if we’re planning on copying anything, but you get the idea!!
This guy will most definitely be makiny my moodboard, if not dominating it, but that’s what I’ll be working on today, along with some initial concept sketches, because our pitch to Chunk is next Friday I think, so we’ll need some polished concepts to show them for then. Better get back to it then..

Listening to: How To Skin A Cat by Mild Eyes


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