20,000 leagues under sketchbooks

It’s genuinely sort of a miracle that I’m using my sketchbooks this semester around, it only took half of my university course to get it going! Same goes for this blog, but maybe they’re just useful forms of procrastination, who knows.
I think it partly comes out of me sort of starting to enjoy doodling in my sketchbook, it isn’t looking amazing, but it gives me a vague idea of what I’m wanting to do when I put it onto a computer. Currently I’m doing some conceptual sketches for my Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea interactive novel.

I’m still trying to decide on a proper visual style. I’ve decided, after some helpful feedback, to steer away from that more realistic style I posted a design of last week. Instead I’m going more for the Saul Bass-esque vector style, not only for its aesthetic appeal but also because it’ll be damned easier to animate!! Especially if I work mostly in Illustrator, then all my objects will be easier to seperate, and therefor animate.
It’ll also help sharpen up my illustrator skills, which I guess I sort of need if I don’t want a repeat of my screenprinting debacle last night, but that’s another story.

[Courtesy of Drew Millward]

In terms of art style I’ll still be heading for something a little Saul Bass-y, but maybe sliiightly more intricate, and illustrative (feels weird for ME to use that word now). Again, I was going to look to good ol’ Drew Millward [shown above], who I told you about a couple of days ago. The above piece probably sums up the tone I’d be aiming for quite nicely, maybe more greens and aquas, but I’ll wait and see, will hopefully have another conceptual piece done by the end of today.

Listening to: Cannons by Youth Lagoon


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