This Disney bloke can draw pretty well…

Well, we had another meeting for our personal project today, a two hour session this time too, which was definitely a good idea, as we had a lot to talk over. We’ve got a rough idea in place now too, so the sooner that becomes more fully-formed the sooner we can develop concept art for presenting to Chunk Games. We’ve also got another meeting tomorrow, at 6, so it’ll be a long day again for me (so much for shaking this flu).
But anyways, for tomorrow we’re meant to have a ‘mood-board’, which is something I haven’t really done before, but I’ll give it a go today, starting with some artwork from this fella, Eyvind Earle.

He worked on enviornments at Disney for a while and died in 2000, but his work still feels completely contemporary. I particularly like his Serigraph work, which you can find on his website. It’s those kind of bold colours that will fit right into this brief. It also plays on lights and shadows really beautifully, to create a really lush sense of atmosphere.
One problem we have is that nobody on the team is particularly fond of trying to animate, so maybe a cartoony visual style will help us get away with really simple animation. I don’t even know what we’d be animating WITH, but we’ll have to be concious of how we’re going to animate everything whilst it’s being designed, even in these current early stages.

The story itself is most likely going to centre around a Medicine Man, in an Aboriginal tribe, who is on a quest to save one of his tribe, through cooperation with various spirits, embodied by a variety of animals commonly involved with aboriginal folklore.
It’s currently a little bit light on story, but we’ll figure it out as we go, we at least have an aesthetic to start off with.

Listening to: Slow by Twin Shadow


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