Everything all at once

Well, I’ll talk about my screenprinting project, which I mentioned in my last post. It’s got the ice cream theme to it, yep, but unusually for stuff I do it’s being done entirely in Adobe Illustrator. It’s taken most of today, and I’m debating whether to do something nice and typographic with it, but I’ll wait and see. I won’t show you the design just yet, I’d rather wait until it’s all done and printed, but to give you a rough idea of what style I’m aiming for I found this nifty illustrator bloke, who did this poster for Bon Iver’s current tour of Europe.

The guy’s called Drew Millward, and he’s got a pretty crazy but very nice style, usually his designs only contain 3 or 4 colours by he makes such good use of them it’s a little mind-blowing. He’s also done posters for the likes of Mogwai, Flight of the Conchordes and I even found out he designed an Oceansize t-shirt I’ve owned for months.
His website’s a little dodgy, but check it out anyhow:

But that’s the style I’m aiming for, not sure if I should risk making it too detailed though, and risk making the printing of the poster hell. I’ll have to wait and see. I’ll also have to stop putting this before coursework, so in reality I should head back to doing some of that. I’ve got a free evening tonight anyhow..

Listening to: Aphids by Hum


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