Well, we had another meeting today for our Personal Project, and discussed some ideas that some folk had. There were some really cool ideas, but the really difficult part of this project is finding an idea that offers potential for addictive gameplay and an immersive yet simple story. Both the story and game mechanic conept have to be simple, because it’s just meant to be a small game on iPad, and we don’t want to stretch ourselves too much.

We’re working for a company called Chunk Games, who usually work in advertising, and as you can see have a pretty bright and colourful visual style, which we’ll probably be aiming for to appeal to their tastes. We feel like they’ll want something sort of feel-good and cheery, so no Condemned or Gears of War here.

I’ve been trying to think of story ideas, whilst trying to think how the story ties in with the game itself, as they need to have a sort of symbiotic relationship here. The story, if possible, should compliment the gameplay, and the gameplay should feel like a necessity in the story in a sense. I was thinking about the platform (probably iPad or something similar), and what perspective games are often on this platform. Below is a list I came up with.

Isometric (depending on technical restraints)

I think that the puzzle angle is probably the worst for conveying a story, nobody’s getting caught up in Tetris anytime soon. But the others are rife with possibility. I was looking around at current iPad games, and found this little gem. I haven’t played it, but it looks like it could totally nail storytelling, as the setting and art-style are surprisingly atmospheric.
The game is called Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery. Yeah, it’s an awful title, I know.

It’s more just the camera angle feels more open than a sidescrolling platformer, of which there are a trillion out there. It also feels more immersive and personal than a top-down view. But again, maybe that’d make the game too complex. The game really has to be as concise as possible I think. Maybe best to focus on story first rather than story and game-workings. And I don’t know what’s technically possible, so this is all speculative so far. But we’ll wait and see, I’ll draft up a couple of story ideas today and see how it goes.

Listening to: Two Door Cinema Club – Eat That Up, It’s Good For You


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