Personal Project. No, it isn’t a euphamism.

Well, we’ve finally been allocated personal projects. It’s taken long enough, but they admitted that themselves, and it’ll be good to finally get started on a project.
I’ve been allocated to a project with “Chunk Games”, a local game company who specialise more in smaller indie games for platforms such as iPad and Xbox Live Arcade. I know I said I wasn’t too interested in doing another video game project but frankly I don’t mind this project, as I’ll be helping out on the visuals of it, meaning it’s something to put in my portfolio at the end of the year. Nice.

The brief is basically to create a game focused on story, which conveys its story without the medium of spoken or written word. No particular game is coming to mind. None at all. Nothing whatsoever. Ooh look, a picture of Limbo.

Will have to avoid ripping off Limbo. I love the storytelling angle on it though, but the issue is agreeing on a story we all like. I’m not doing some gay gundam-zombie post-apocalyptic nuclear thing. Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad… but in all seriousness, hopefully we won’t end up agreeing on anything too cheesy. Ah the joys of working in a team…

Listening to: Thunderbird by Seasick Steve


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