I got After Effects working, partytiem

Well, after a lot of scouring on the interwebz on my brother’s part I managed to get a working copy of After Effects. Many thanks to my big bro for that, dunno where I’d be without him.
So now I can finally think of what to do for my kinetic illustration project. At first I was quite drawn to the idea of trying to tell a story through video, but unfortunately the time limit is about 20 seconds, and there aren’t many stories that can be condensed to that extent without losing their emotional depth. I could do a quick comedic segment, but my Screenwriting piece is already shaping up to be a comedy, so maybe I should try and do another more serious project.
Instead I thought it might be good to do another music video idea. Yeah, that’s right, 3 years in a row I’ve done a music video, but what the hey, it’s fun. And it might make for a consistent portfolio upon leaving university.

One example of a good editting-heavy music video is Beach House’s “Used To Be”, directed by the fantastic Simon Pecknold, who’s also worked with the likes of Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear. It’s a really eerie sort of video, but totally hypnotic at the same time. It marries stop-frame animation with some really eerie textures and images, to create a really surreal video. I don’t think it really suits the mood of the song, so I was thinking if I took the mood of this and applied it to something like Remember Remember’s new material it could work a lot better, due to the mystical, hypnotic feel of the music. Take a look at the beach house video, listen to some Remember Remember, s’all good shit.

Also I mention my brother earlier, check out his studio Touzie Tyke, they have some seriously awesome stuff up there.

Listening to: Ocean Potion by Remember Remember


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