Story-making’s a bitch

Well, so far the only module I haven’t given any mention to here is Screenwriting For Digital Media. Basically it’s a one semester module, where by the end what we need to come out with is an animatic for a short film or part of an animatic for a full film. The film itself can be in any medium, as it’s not getting made, it’s just the animatic we need to end up with. Seeing it’s just an animatic we need for our final piece I do want mine to be quite polished and professional looking, so I’ve been trying to draw a lot more recently and pick up a style of sorts. But whether my drawings will be anything worth posting is another matter entirely…
The style of drawing I’m aiming for is a simple one, but I’m still sort of struggling to get it looking coherent and consistant. It’s that sort of simplified, cartoony 50s look I’m going for, and if I pick it up then I could start using it in designs, but like I say, no promises.

As for the story concept I have a couple of ideas. One I came up with last night was a story following two brothers living in the suburbs, one of which becomes irresistably fascinated by the devil, and demons, and people selling their souls to the devil. He doesn’t really want ot give up his own soul of course, so instead opts to get the family dog posessed. The other brother tries to stop him, being terrified of the thought of having a pet posessed by the devil, but fails in the end. The dog becomes freakishly posessed and starts talking to them, saying frankly strange things. The brothers try to contain their dog, and hide him away from their parents. The mother finds out about the dog, and they take the dog to get a canine exorcism… at a church I guess.
As you can tell there’s plenty of story still to flesh out, but I think the visuals will storngly affect how the audience percieves the brothers. I don’t want one to seem evil and twisted for getting his dog posessed. But I shouldn’t rely on visuals, so I need to somehow create an event which makes both brothers likeable.
Nevertheless, I think the overall concept is okay. I think. I hope. Please, let me know what you think. Too zany?

Listening to: Creature Lives by Mastodon


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