Another semester spent hating Adobe…

Well, this semester I predict I’ll be using a lot of After Effects. This is unfortunately totally conditional on me getting After Effects working somehow. And me and Joel’s film also requires Adobe’s Premiere to edit. Ugh, VERY frustrating times.
But if I can’t get it working I already have a backup plan in store for once module at least. This module’s called Kinetic Illustration, and the briefs for it are all really cool, it’s the one module I’m particularly excited about because it’s so open. Basically it allows you to do anything you want in After Effects or any other motion package. Unfortunately the only other motion package I own that works is Flash, which I’m desperate not to have to use, but in case I do I think I have a style in mind. Ripping off these fellas might be an okay idea…

It’s a really simple animation style, which is light on the motion itself, so it’d be almost an illustration project, and recently my work’s been getting more illustrative anyhow. But we’ll see how my attempts at drawing go…

Listening to: Light Through the Veins – Jon Hopkins


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